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EMDR Intensives

The powerful healing effects of EMDR therapy can be further amplified by receiving the modality in an intensive treatment format. EMDR intensives can produce faster results than standard EMDR weekly sessions. Intensive treatment helps clients process more information and traumatic events effectively and to heal quicker.

The traditional model of weekly psychotherapy only sometimes meets the needs of clients who seek flexibility and efficiency in how they receive support. EMDR intensives provide personalized treatment plans that support your schedule and timeline for your treatment goals. EMDR intensives can deliver the results that usually take months of individual weekly sessions in just a few days. 

Unlocking accelerated healing for high achievers, EMDR Intensives offers a concentrated approach to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, catering to the dynamic schedules of those thriving in top-tier industries. High achievers, often emerging from prestigious educational backgrounds and excelling in fast-paced Fortune 500 companies in tech, finance, business, and entrepreneurship, can benefit immensely from this efficient model.

Because of EMDR therapy's potent healing effects, Intensives can yield swifter results than standard weekly sessions, catering to the dynamic schedules of high achievers. Traditional weekly psychotherapy may not align with the time constraints and demands of high achievers who value flexibility and efficacy in their pursuit of support. EMDR Intensives offer tailored treatment plans that accommodate your schedule and ambitions, delivering results that typically require months of individual weekly sessions within a condensed timeframe of just a few days.

Leveraging bilateral stimulation to engage both hemispheres of the brain, this model of therapy expedites the processing of distressing memories, facilitating profound healing and symptom reduction in a fraction of the time. Tailored to address a myriad of psychological concerns, Intensives are particularly beneficial for high achievers grappling with PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, and phobias, among other challenges.

With a dedication to intensive, expedited healing, EMDR Intensives offers a viable alternative to traditional weekly therapy, empowering high achievers to address their issues more efficiently and effectively. Thorough assessment and preparation are key components of ensuring readiness for intensive work. While not suitable for everyone, EMDR Intensives provide a transformative path to healing and relief, enabling high achievers to forge ahead with renewed vigor.


  • Free of charge pre-consultation 30-minute interview to assess candidacy.

  • A customized treatment plan with targeted goals addressing unpleasant beliefs, body sensations, emotions, or images from which you are seeking resolution.

  • A personalized workbook that allows you to process your treatment goals before, during, and after intensive sessions.

  • Post-treatment interview to assess and support your adaptation to positive changes from treatment.

  • Full days (6 - 7 hours per day) for 1 - 4 consecutive days

  • The daily rate is $1,850

  • Appointments are limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis

Intensives are in-person in Cary, NC, and Manhattan, NY.

Contact me to schedule an EMDR Intensive consultation at

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