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Ways a therapist helps you

- mental health service

Reasons why:


  • It's ALL we do. PVWC is a boutique space dedicated to supporting high-achieving clients to manage their stressors and heal from instances of traumatic events or mindset blockages. We support clients that attend the top 10% of educational institutions (Preparatory high schools, colleges, and universities) and eventually become team members/leaders of some of the most successful finance, technology, health, and business companies in the world.


  • Our Lead Therapist, Kay De Simone, LCSW, is an EMDRIA-certified therapist with expertise; our practice specializes in addressing the challenges you face. She brings a wealth of experience as a trainer, presenter, and mindset and mental wellness consultant for some of the top prep schools, enrichment programs, universities, and Fortune 500 companies in the country.   have worked extensively in the fields of medicine, tech, business, finance, and research, providing insights and guidance on managing stress, optimizing performance, and fostering growth.


  • At Pura Vida Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering a transformative approach to therapy through our EMDR/CBT Intensive model. Unlike traditional therapy methods, our immersive sessions are specifically designed to accelerate your growth and yield tangible results in record time. By condensing weeks or months of therapy into a focused timeframe, our EMDR/CBT Intensive program empowers you to achieve breakthroughs and sustainable change at an accelerated pace.


  • Through EMDR Intensives, a cutting-edge therapy technique, we tap into the brain's natural healing abilities to process and resolve past traumas, negative beliefs, and self-limiting patterns. For individuals in fast-paced industries such as medicine, tech, business, finance, and research, EMDR can be a game-changer, enabling you to break free from obstacles, enhance performance, and cultivate a mindset primed for success.


  • We have receipts!! EMDR/CBT Intensives have helped clients just like you release what no longer serves them and start living their lives in full color. They no longer betray themselves through their decisions and create lightness and renewed purpose in their lives.

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